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Jan 25 2013

News » Glad to get going in tough rally

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Glad to get going in tough rally

The award-winning Danish distributor for Ifor Williams Trailers, Glad Trading, are about to set off on one of the world’s toughest drives.

But first they had to deliver their all-terrain vehicle 3,000km from Denmark to the rally’s starting point in southern Spain – so naturally loaded it onto an Ifor Williams trailer to get it there safely.

Jacob Glad, son of company founder, will be driving the QT Wildcat 5,000k from Almeria in Spain to Lac Rose, Dakar, in Senegal over 14 gruelling days from January 28 to February 10.

Glad Trading are also the major Land Rover dealership in Denmark.

Jacob said: "The QT Wildcat is built by Bowler in the UK and has a modified frame and chassis and a Land Rover 4litre V8 petrol engine fitted with a very large petrol tank since it is very thirsty.

"We have to pack it with enough so that we can at least survive in the desert for up to 24 hours.

"We have done similar races in Morocco but they were no longer than 1,000km and this is 5,000km.

"The race is hundreds of kilometres away from the conflict in Mali so it will be quite safe.

"We have used an Ifor Williams CT 136 trailer to get the QT to Almeria and it drove very well indeed, pulled by our Land Rover 4 Discovery support vehicle.

"It has covered 3,200km without any problems. It was the perfect trailer for the job."

Before it left Denmark the car – and trailer – got exposure on Danish media and the Ifor Williams logo will be on the race vehicle as it crosses Africa.

When the QT and back-up Land Rover arrive in Senegal they will be shipped back to Denmark in a container.

The support Land Rover, which will be driven by technician Jacob Strausholm, is heavily loaded, especially since the team, which includes Philip Hansen navigating, are taking enough food from Denmark to last the entire trip.

Jacob Glad explained: "There has been a lot of hard work preparing for this event and we cannot take the risk of buying local food and perhaps getting a stomach infection."

Taking part in the Intercontinental Rally – which has attracted around 50 teams for the main race, from all over the world – is the launch pad for Glad Trading’s Challenge Yourself marketing strategy.

"Everyone walking around has a challenge or a dream in their mind. Perhaps you live in South Wales but you want to travel to the north of Scotland. You live in Denmark but dream of travelling in Wales.

"We want people to see that they can live the dream and make the drive, keep people moving and make an experience of their own.

The annual Intercontinental Rally is an off-road competition and adventure tour for motor enthusiasts. The 2013 rally passes through some of the most spectacular landscapes in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal, from the endless dunes of the Sahara to the desolate expanses of coastal deserts, the rocky trails of the Atlas, and the low lying savannah.

Glad Trading, founded 40 years ago, by Peer Glad, in Kalundborg, on the island of Zealand, has created a new network of 10 outlets for Ifor Williams Trailers, Europe’s biggest trailer maker. The company is already a major car distributor which imports Land Rovers and Peugeot to Denmark.

Although a small country more than half the cars in Denmark are fitted with tow bars, which means it has great potential for trailer sales.

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The trailer used was a CT136HD with a range of optional extras. There are a wide range of Car Transporters available from Ifor Williams Trailers. Please contact your local Ifor Williams Distributor for more information.

News » Glad to get going in tough rally

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