Dec 2 2020

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Spectacular horsebox makeover creates lasting legacy

A trailer company has helped create a lasting legacy for a rural community after teaming up with a TV show to transform a vintage horsebox.

It was turned into a mobile office and a commentary position for local shows in Ysbyty Ifan in Conwy after Ifor Williams Trailers worked with the producers of S4C series Prosiect Pum Mil (5,000 Pound Project) on the spectacular makeover.

The programme will be shown on S4C next Sunday (December 6).

The 30-year-old horsebox was donated to the village committee by owner Jane Roberts and her family who live on the nearby Pennant farm.

She bought it second hand in 1999 and it was in constant use for many years – but had been left idle after falling into disrepair.

As a result, it was in a very sorry state when it was handed over to Ifor Williams Trailers mechanic Steve Lawrence to restore.

To make it roadworthy once again all the panels needed replacing, along with the brakes and bearings, while the chassis and roof needed a major clean.

As an extra touch he installed four sliding windows before the show’s designer, Gwyn Eiddior, working with local volunteers, added a sprinkling of magic.

They put in seating upholstered in locally produced Welsh tapestry, shelving and a fold-down desk.

Adding to the local flavour, the new-look horsebox was decorated inside and out with the colourful earmarks used by local farmers to identify their livestock.

Members of the committee assembled in the Bod Ifan field in the centre of the village for the socially-distanced unveiling by the show’s popular presenters, Emma Walford and Trystan Ellis-Morris.

Committee chairman Alun Davies was thrilled when he saw the jaw-dropping transformation for the first time.

He and his family also won the competition to find a name for the new mobile office which has now been dubbed “Sbyty Fan”.

Alun said: “We're very grateful to Ifor Williams Trailers for doing it up to the standard it is. It looks like a brand new trailer. We're very happy because it's great.

“We will be using it for the local agricultural show and sheepdog trials and renting it out is also an option.”

The fact that Ifor Williams Trailers donated the parts and Steve’s time enabled the show to remain within the £5,000 budget per episode of the programme made by Boom Cymru.

Steve said: "The trailer looks great so I feel very proud today. Gwyn and the gang have also done an excellent job on the inside.”

“It should last for at least another 30 years now.”

The series is a spin-off from Priodas Pum Mil which organised dream weddings for happy couples across Wales – again without spending more than £5,000 on each one.

Emma said: “It’s a stunning transformation because I remember what kind of state it was in before. I think someone has tricked me. I can't believe it's the same trailer.

“We're just so grateful, the community is so thankful to Ifor Williams Trailers because it really is going to make a difference. Without question what has been achieved is just incredible.

"Steve has brought about a miracle and Gwyn has added some magic, and he does every time.”

According to Trystan, he was also rubbing his eyes in disbelief when he saw the transformed trailer.

He said: “It was wonderful to see so many people happy. Everybody has worked so hard to make the project come to fruition.

“The response has been great because it's a small community and so many people have been willing to chip in to help.”

Ifor Williams Trailers project coordinator Lois Wynne was delighted to see so many happy faces at the unveiling.

She said: “We are a community-focused company and we’re proud to be rooted in North Wales.

“There must be more of our livestock trailers and horseboxes per square mile in the Ysbyty Ifan area than almost anywhere else.

“We were only too pleased to be able to help with this lovely project which has created a lasting legacy for the local community which is a heartland of Welsh-speaking Wales.”

The restored ‘Sbyty Fan' can be seen on Prosiect Pum Mil on S4C at 8pm on December 6

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