Sep 9 2019

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Historic trailer goes on display after being lovingly restored

The second ever trailer built by Ifor Williams Trailers has been restored to its former glory.

The iconic firm celebrated its diamond anniversary last year and the 60-year-old timber livestock trailer has been lovingly rebuilt.

It’s now gone on display at the company’s showroom at the old station in Corwen where it’s hitched behind a Series One Land Rover that dates back to 1953.

The restoration was a labour of love for Stuart David Wharton, who works in the Research and Development Department at Ifor Williams Trailers.

According to Stuart, the trailer was in a sorry state before he worked his magic.

All the wood had rotted away, leaving not much more than the skeleton of the steel frame and the roof.

The rebuild took over eight months to complete, with Stuart fitting it in between his other work.

He said: “It was quite daunting prospect initially because there wasn’t a lot to work from, although we had a few old pictures.

“The trailer was in a bad way. There was no wood in it and the roof was still intact but badly dented. The axles and the mudguards are original but the wood and the ramp are all new.

“Everything has been matched to the original trailer so we used Parana pine wood for the sides and the ramp and keruing hardwood for the floor.

“It’s been painted in Land Rover bronze green like the day it was made back in 1958.

“The trailer and the old Land Rover are a great match, a perfect marriage of two icons.”

Iorwerth Roberts, the company’s former head of sales for North Wales, has worked for Ifor Williams for 39 years.

The trailer was originally purchased by the late farmer Bob Jarret, then of Blaen Gwnodl Isaf in Cynwyd.

Mr Roberts said: “It was used by a local farmer and was in service for 30 years. When he retired from farming, it came back into our possession. It has not been used since. It has such sentimental value, it was really worth bringing back to life. “I played an advisory role in the project because I remember how the trailers looked at the time.

“We’ve been able to get genuine replica parts for the trailer. We’ve worked hard to find what was needed.

“The brake shoes were still available and we were able to get new tyres but the axle and running gear have stayed original, It’s so nice to see it come back to life.”

Kevin Shuttleworth, leading design engineer, who also assisted Stuart with some research for the restoration work is delighted with the end result.

He said: “There was a lot of research involved, examining old photos, it was almost like a forensic operation.

“We had to establish what it had been like originally and what was needed to bring it back to its original condition.

“It’s been a real pleasure to be part of the project and it is wonderful to see this historic trailer restored to how it was when it rolled off the production line all those years ago.”

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News » Historic trailer goes on display after being lovingly restored

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