Feb 17 2009

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Campaign to put 4 x 4 tax hike in reverse

A campaign is underway to reverse plans for a huge new tax on all 4x4 vehicles because of fears it would damage the economy – and the environment.

Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd is supporting a petition to scrap the increase that was due to be introduced next year.

Europe’s biggest trailer maker, Ifor Williams Trailers, say it would be unfair on farmers, businesses and essential users of 4x4's.

Mr Darling’s aim is to reward people who buy "green" cars with low carbon emissions, and there will be a steep rise in road tax for anyone driving higher emitting vehicles. This includes all 4x4 vehicles capable of towing larger trailers, which are essential tools for farmers, tens of thousands of businesses and leisure users such as horse owners.

The company, believes the proposals make no provision for essential users of higher emitting vehicles and is unfair as there is no alternative lower emitting vehicle on the market that is capable of towing the trailers required for work.

John Williams, the Managing Director of Ifor Williams Trailers, said many of their customers were outraged.

He said: "The extra tax on a new 4x4 will be up to £950 for the first year for new vehicles. In the second year, it would come down to around £450 which is still a lot for those who have to pay it."

"This tax discourages the purchase of new, cleaner 4x4 vehicles and encourages owners to keep their older, higher polluting vehicles for longer. This is just crazy in this current economic climate and when the government is creating incentives for the development and purchase of cleaner vehicles. Essential users of 4x4’s can’t replace their vehicle for a smaller car with lower tax, it can’t do the job it’s required to do."

"A 4x4 isn’t an optional luxury for a farmer or others in business. It is an essential tool of their trade. It penalises anybody that is running a business and needs a 4x4 to tow a trailer."

"What’s worse is that it could be counter-productive because people will be tempted to buy lorries even though they don’t really need one – and then buy a car as well."

"That’s certainly not going to help the environment while 4x4s are currently being used as cars and workhorses."

Farmer Euros Roberts, from Dol Fach, in Llanuwchllyn, near Bala, is furious about the plans for the extra tax on 4x4s.

He said: "Putting this extra tax on 4x4s is absolutely stupid – they are essential vehicles for farmers and putting an extra tax on them is going to be bad for the industry."

"My message to the Government is that they should think again about this – they are taxing us enough on fuel without this."


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