What if my trailer gets stolen?

What if my trailer gets stolen?

If your trailer is stolen then you should report it to the police and obtain a crime reference number. Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd operates a trailer registration database, by informing them that your trailer has been stolen, they will register it as stolen and will also inform TER, The National Plant and Equipment Register (see explanation below). This can assist in identifying owners of recovered stolen trailers.


When you register your new Ifor Williams trailer it is automatically registered with TER (The National Plant and Equipment Register). Their mission is to combat plant theft and fraud in the UK and Europe. By registering ownership, both technical and marking details can be made available to international police forces through TER. All Ifor Williams Trailers include free registration to TER once your trailer is registered by your distributor.

Ifor Williams Trailers - Security

Each Ifor Williams trailer is fitted with an ID plate which has a unique serial number etched on it. Additionally, the drawbar has a different unique number cut through it, which is virtually impossible to alter without noticeably affecting the appearance of the numbers and galvanized finish.

Datatags are fitted as standard to all Ifor Williams Horsebox trailers for extra security and peace of mind. Datatag is Europe's leading electronic tagging system and was originally developed to combat theft in the UK motorcycle industry. Datatag transponders (tags) are miniature transmitters. These are hidden deep within the trailer during manufacture, and transmit a unique code that can only be read with special scanning guns. These are issued to Police and HM Customs free of charge. On recovery of a stolen trailer the identity of the trailer can be verified and the rightful owner contacted.

Our Customer Care department works closely with police forces Nationwide, educating them on how to identify stolen trailers. This has resulted in more stolen trailers being recovered and the original owners being identified.

Many of our customers customise their trailers with unique graphics so that if it is stolen, it can be easily identified.

Always keep a record of your trailer details so that if it is stolen, you will have the details to hand.

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