Where do I find my Serial Number and Chassis Code?

Where do I find my Serial Number and Chassis Code?


Every trailer we manufacture is fitted with a type plate; this will have a unique serial number printed on it by multi-dot punching. The type plate is usually positioned on the trailer drawbar. There are some exceptions, such as Unbraked trailers, when the type plate will be attached to the front or rear panel of the trailer.

An example of a standard type plate is shown here. This example is printed with the full 17 digit VIN (Vehicle identification number). The last 6 or 7 digits represent the serial number depending on the age and model of your trailer (in this example 374538). Some models may be fitted with a slightly smaller plate, however the serial number will still be present and easily recognisable.


With the exception of Unbraked trailers, all trailers will also have a chassis code. This can be found cut into the trailer drawbar as illustrated in the picture.

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